Thursday, April 22, 2010

Birthday's and Pups

Ten years ago today I was getting my seven-foot long ‘bitch horns’ dipped in chocolate filed down. 

The Hospital doesn’t look kindly on wild animals roaming around aimlessly demanding drugs, so I agreed to lay in my bed and only nip at the nosey, over controlling, mildly menopausal ex-mother in law as I prepared to give birth to my 9 pound 1 ounce toddler I call ‘Tony Baines’.

No, I’m not going to coochy-coo this whole blog entry.  I’m simply just explaining to you that I am absolutely in shock that I have a 10-year-old, when it only seems like 10 years ago that I, the woman who doesn’t like anything gooey, became a Mom. 

At the age of 1, I couldn’t believe he was ‘1’.  And by the age of 2, I was convinced that I wasn’t cut out for this ‘Mom’ stuff.  By the age of 6, I grew insanely obsessed with birthday parties and the need to ‘out do’ what I did the year previous. 

Today he is 10, and he became the proud owner of a Puppy.  I became the proud Mom of a young Man.  And Mr. Fricken Awesome (my Fiance) became the Puppy’s favorite. 

Happy Birthday to my favorite kid! 

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