Monday, April 5, 2010

24 Things

Everybody has played the game “Gossip” at some point in their life.  You know, when you’re at those ridiculously awkward boy/girl parties for the first time – ever – and you all sit around in a circle and whisper something in your partner’s ear, and then they whisper what you said etc.?  Ok, I’ll start.  I would whisper something like “Sally has on pink shoes.”  And 20 people later the phrase comes out something like “Sally’s pregnant.” Yeah, kinda like that. 

Ok, my point.

I was blog stalking (something I’m addicted to lately) because I’m constantly striving to be better.  Not better than anyone else, but to broaden my horizons and not be such a Negative Nancy all the time.  So I stumbled upon this crazy funny blog, here, and she totally copied a post from one of her blog rolls, who copied a post, who copied a post – you get the idea, not going to draw it out for you.  So, me being the young impressionable naïve person that I am, I just had to do this!  It’s a post on “X number of things I’ve learned as a Mom” or something to that sort.  Because I’m a team player, and a sucker for clever, witty women, I just had to copy and be that blogger. 

So here goes, here are the 24 things I’ve learned about being a Mom.

1.     Privacy? What’s that?
2.     When you’re Mom tells you “One day you’ll wish you could take naps” – listen to her!
3.     4th grade math is hard.
4.     Kids give the best hugs.  Ever.
5.     Inside this body lives a gi-normous Momma grizzly bear, with fur and everything!
6.     Not all boobs produce milk.  Sometimes you have to have a backup plan from preventing your child from starvation.
7.     Mutli-tasking is an art form.
8.     Childproof bottle lids are not childproof if you leave the lid off.
9.     Ketchup is one of the major food groups.
10. I now cannot pee without singing “Tinkle Tinkle Little Star”.
11. If you hurt my child, I will hunt you down and make you eat worms, I don’t care if you are only 3 feet tall!
12. I now know the international sign language sign for “poop”.
13. Baby gates were my “break” even if I was only 6 inches away.
14. A kid’s giggle is incredibly contagious.
15. Barney should be shot.
16. The best thing to put you to sleep, is your sleeping baby.
17. I miss my rocking chair.
18. If he wants to be “Harry Potter” 3 years in a row for Halloween, that’s OK.
19. You write your own “instruction manual” with kids.  They aren’t provided.
20. Sometimes its fun to wear 3 shirts, a pair of shorts over our pants and un-matching shoes.
21. Thanks to television, my son used to think that Enterprise Rent-a-Car would come pick you up if you simply did not feel like driving.
22. Fit throwing is a great energy release.  (For me, not for him)
23. I am the best dancer in his eyes.
24. He is the best kid – in my eyes.

I’m so in love with my ‘Tony Baines’.  


  1. I was going to be clever and post the 25th thing, but then I remembered... I'm not a mom.

  2. BUT you are a parent :) So now you have to since you brought it up.


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