Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Learning new things...

Wow!  I’m on a roll!  I cannot believe it’s November when it seems like just a couple days ago I was complaining about my eating habits (or lack thereof).  Ok, so what have I learned in the past few weeks? 

Well, I’ve learned that I like red wine…who knew?  Also, when carving ginormous pumpkins, an electric saw works great!  However, be cautioned that you will find pumpkin juice in places you never dreamed!

I’ve learned that I absolutely could care less about pool chemicals, even though that is my job – and doing public relations with people who cannot look you in the eye when talking to you and every other word out of their mouth is “Well…you know…?”  Are grounds for stabbing yourself with a fork.  It was a lunch meeting – red wine wasn’t allowed.

I learned that Pee Wee playoff games are extremely stressful, and it’s very hard convincing eighteen 9-year old boys that a 5-1-1 record is a fantastic record; and team parties planned for 10 in the morning should have a breakfast menu – not a boiled hot dog and soda pop menu.  Again, no red wine.

I learned that I don’t like Nair ® and I think it’s important that you read the directions on any bottle that claims CREAM can remove unwanted hair in 6 minutes!  Had plenty of red wine to numb the pain!!

I witnessed my son’s first pimple.  And when he asked me “Mom what is this?” And I said, “Well baby, it looks like a pimple.”  His response was “Oh, well at least it’s not a ZIT!”  I laughed so hard I spit coffee out my nose!

I learned that sometimes, it’s not about the effort you put forth, but knowing when to say “At least I tried”.







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