Thursday, March 11, 2010

STOP SAYING THAT!!! My head hurts.

People who know me, know that I get frequent headaches.  I’m not sure why I get them so often – it could be a variety of reasons.  I did attempt to throw myself through a windshield once.  Ok well not on purpose, I wasn’t even driving.  My ex-sister in law (slash) now dear friend of mine was driving.  And it wasn’t even her fault either, but the Readers Digest condensed version of this is – we were in a car accident together and the numb-nuts Neurologist that I went to later on told me that if I didn’t put hot chili peppers (not even kidding) on my shoulder/neck that I would experience headaches the rest of my life. 

I did flip over backwards off of my neighbor’s porch too, as a child.  No, not voluntarily.   I landed on my head.  Oh!  And there was the time that I was knocked unconscious by a 6th grader when I was ten.  At any rate, like I said, there are a variety of reasons why I get headaches.  Regardless.  It’s early – way too early for my lazy ass to be up, but I am and I cannot sleep because I was awakened at 2 am with a flippen headache.  So, naturally, I logged onto Facebook and decided that it was time to address the issue that I have. 

I cannot STAND the phrase – “I KNOW! RIGHT?” 

Did I miss something on this?  Is it the new "like" in pop-culture?  It’s amazing to me how perfectly respectable adults can revert back to pre-adolescent, hormone raging, 16 year olds when using that phrase.  I don’t know who started it, but it’s an exclamation or a sentence (depending on how you use it) AND a question – all in one.  Really?  It’s totally caught on too.  It’s everywhere. 

Me (to a friend of mine): “Oh my gosh, I love these shoes!” (OK, right there I’m kind of setting myself up for disappointment, but they were really cute shoes.)

Friend: (very excited) “I know! Right?”

Me: “Ok you just ruined the moment”

Friend (total mood change): “I know, right?”

Me: “No really, don’t say that.  It doesn’t mean anything.  Are you agreeing with me? Or are you asking me if I’m right?  Or if you’re right?  There’s no right or wrong.”

Friend: “I know, right! Because people say it all the time and I have no idea what it means but it’s so addicting!”

Me: “Then don’t say it around me -  please.  Not trying to be a bitch, but it reminds me of annoying Paris Hilton-esc ditzy girls who aren’t intelligent enough to say anything else”

Friend: “OMIGOD I know! Righ- er, totally!”

It’s everywhere!  Commercials, T.V. shows, movies, Facebook.  Where in the hell did it come from?  English teachers everywhere are having conniption fits as they hear this in their classrooms and hallways.  Or at least I would be if I were an English teacher.  Obviously I don’t stand a chance of that since my writing skills are far from par. 

Moving on.

The second phrase that I cannot stand:  “GIT-R-DONE”

Really?  Thank you Larry the Cable Guy for proving that men of your stature cannot form complete sentences.  What is that? I’ll admit.  The first sketch I saw him in that he used that phrase, I chuckled.  I didn’t fall all over myself laughing nor did I rush out and airbrush my Ford Taurus in “Git-r-done” garble like every other red-blooded American did hearing it for the first time.  But after the 4,557th time of hearing it in a 3-hour period – it got old.

Ok, I’m off my soapbox for now.  Just wanted to throw that out there in case you ever wanted to know how to get completely under my skin.  Please don’t though.  Really. 

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