Sunday, March 28, 2010

Bright Idea #37

Everyday I am reminding myself that I am not 24 and I am not a cute young thing like I used to be.  That’s not to say that I can’t be a cute 30-something woman in my own right, but it’s ridiculous how much you forget (or maybe block out) when you get older.  Like, sit ups are way harder when you do them correctly.

My workout buddy asked me if was ready to go to the gym today and work on abs.  And of course, me and my big mouth said “Well if you want to work on abs, do I have a deal for you! I just happen to have a Tae Bo Boot camp video geared specifically towards abs.” (Insert weird light bulb blinking on sound.)  She agreed to do the video with me and so it was a date; me, my BFF and Billy Blanks – and his annoying 6-pack ab crew. 

It’s a 44-minute long video and let me tell you, I never knew ab muscles were in your back.  I mean I’m pretty sure I noticed every muscle from my neck down hurting about 20 minutes in, but as I sit here any type this, my upper and lower back, along with my ass, thighs, knees and ears all are screaming obscenities at me.  I have to admit, I did feel like I could go and squeeze on a size 6 jeans immediately afterwards, but I’m pretty sure that was the lack of brain cells lost during our 44 minutes of pure stupidity.  Let me just clarify, if you cannot complete 5 minutes on an elliptical machine due to a chest cold – three-quarters of an hour spent kicking and crunching and doing 8-count “God kill me now” tummy busters is not exactly brilliancy on my part. 

I spent the latter part of my day fighting back the urge to vomit and pass out. 

I am, however, grateful for my workout partner as she motivated me to finish and not let Billy or his posse get the best of me.  She is a huge inspiration to me and it is because of her that I even attempted to get out the crane and move my lethargic butt. 

I am kind of regretting opening my big mouth – but I do have to admit it is oddly addictive.  I can tell you that Icy-Hot and I will be forming a tight bond before this week is over – as I have vowed to myself that I will accomplish that video without stopping and slobbering all over myself.

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