Sunday, July 12, 2009

Brain Fart (formerly known as 'Writers Block')

When I started this blog, it originally was supposed to be a laundry list of daily rants. Mostly consisting of my little idiosyncrasies and, well, my irritations (which by the way are too many to list). However it’s turned out to be a flop since my life is so exhilarating (sarcasm people) all I have to bitch or write about is running (or lack thereof) and unemployment. Don’t get me wrong, if given the opportunity, I could easily find things to complain about: the over-cautious and sometimes erratic female drivers here in the town I live in, the local Wal-Mart where all shoppers apparently think they are in the Indianapolis 500 and bulldoze you out of the way if a free checker opens up, or the neighbors that live right across the street from me and can’t seem to keep their drool in their mouths whenever a female is spotted within 30 feet of them.

Then there are days where I feel like I’m supposed to be documenting anything and everything, because that’s what “good bloggers” do for their fans right? Well I have 4, yes, 4 fans (whom I think were paid by family members to read my attempts at journaling); and I’m beginning to feel guilty because I’ve been so completely obsessed lately with this whole running thing.

I think I might have more success at blogging if I were to talk about something noteworthy like Twitter and the weather, but for 1) Twitter is an overrated website designed to make less-significant peons (like me) feel good about knowing that Brooke Burke just had a latte and is getting her hair done at her favorite boutique; and 2) there isn’t much to say about the weather – it’s July and it’s HOT! And in 4 months it will be November and COLD!

I’m also not one of these bloggers that can go on and on about “Johnny” and his new tooth. I have a son, yes, and I too am a proud Mom, but some things aren’t fascinating and I don’t foresee any of my 4 fans wanting to know how many times my son chewed before swallowing.

So I guess for now, I’m stuck writing about what I do know, this is an employer’s market and they don’t like me; and I require a helmet when I run.

Hey a new week is starting, maybe I’ll fall into a canal and we can all have a good laugh. (That was a joke people!)


  1. At least you've stepped out and started a blog. A lot more than I've done, and I probably should utilize my well paid degree and write as well- but I have even less to write about than you.
    Happy to read about the nothingness going on in your life. Keep it up. I need my laughs ya know!

  2. Well, you'd have a lot of fans if I could somehow add you to my blog roll! Is your feed turned on? It's driving me nuts! And I don't talk about interesting things ALL the time :)


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