Thursday, July 9, 2009

Keep moving ... nothing to see here

I keep thinking that I’ll have something intelligent and witty to write about in this silly blog, but my humiliating moments keep getting the best of me.  For once, I would love to have a day where I didn’t put myself on the “Hard to look cool” list. 

I’m beginning to think that my sole purpose in life is to complete any and every embarrassing task possible.  I used to think it was because the common sense factor wasn’t fully developed, but since I’m over the age of 30, I can’t really use that excuse anymore.  Quite frankly, I don’t have an excuse.  It just happens.  I’m that gifted!

I’ve learned so much while experiencing embarrassing moments, like it’s very easy to stick your foot through a cat door when the door is still shut, and you forget to open it, but your body keeps moving forward anyway.  And Wal-Mart parking lots are equally as dangerous when you aren’t watching where you’re walking.  Especially the walkways where you have to step up.  Luckily there was a car full of kids right in my fall down path and I was able to break my fall on their hood.  That was fun.  And of course there was the time (just 2 weeks ago) that I was getting into my fiancés truck.  While in the process of this, my next door neighbor was standing in her driveway with her two kids and me, being the social bug that I am, yelled out “Your son is getting so big…how old is he now?” Then before she could answer… WHAP!  The truck door didn’t stay open and I decided to catch it with my face.  My bruised ego and me politely ended the conversation as I crawled into the truck and begged my fiancé to drive away.

Most recently, during my run/walk today I was on the home stretch (about 200 meters from my driveway) when I noticed a Qwest truck driving down the road.  My son got all excited and waved to the unsuspecting man driving the truck.  Just as the man waved back a bee flew into my ear.  I immediately shook my head vigorously, which caused me to lose my balance and I ran straight into my neighbor’s mailbox.  I pretended that I wasn’t the least bit phased by it, until I realized it was his mailbox that I practically tore off.

Hopefully now that I’ve laid it all out in the open, some good Karma will start my way.

That’s all for now.

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