Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Vocabulary Lesson

Everyone has his or her own use of different words.  For example, I once told my Mom that my Art History class in college was monogamous.  Now, I know, that you know that what I meant to say was monotonous, but that’s who I am.  I toot my own horn sometimes and if the word fits – use it!  That’s what I say!

Now that we’re clear on how I tick, I would like to take this time to review my most commonly used words, and how I interpret them, especially of late.

Frustrated:             annoyed at the lack of imagination I seem to have.

Regurgitation:             to repeat useless mind garble stemming from frustration.

Sarcasm:             used in emergency situations when regurgitation happens.

Offend:             to make someone mad by bashing Dr. Laura or Barbie.

Un-follow:             to remove your status as a ‘fan’ or ‘friend’ because I offended you.

Crybabytittymouth: (used as one word in my vocabulary) to un-follow my blog
                                       Because I use too much satire.

(I’m sensing a theme here.)

No. I’m not bitter.  I’m elated! Can you tell?

I want people to read my blog.  If I wanted to keep this to myself, I would have purchased a leather-bound journal and holed myself up in my room.  So needless to say I take it personally when someone doesn’t want to read what I have to say.  I’m honest.  What’s wrong with that?  I read blogs daily and some are un-couth and sex-driven.  Some people rant about their va jay jays and some enjoy caressing their dolly-whackers.  I bitch.  It’s what I do.  I say what’s on my mind and sometimes it comes across nasty or ugly. 

I.O.I. (I’m Over It).  Well, in a minute I will be.

So to the crybabytittymouth that un-followed me, because I apparently offended you during my sarcastic rant about (fill in the blank here) whatever - I’m not going to apologize for regurgitating in lieu of being frustrated, good riddance!

Welcome to the Department of Redundancy Department. 

I’m done now.  I feel better.  I apparently, am not the bigger person.


  1. I sure wouldn't worry much about somebody not following you. Probably somebody that can't write their name anyway, let alone put their own thoughts down.........

  2. Are you kidding??? Just the other day (because of all the crap we've been dealing with with Scott's ex-witch...he commented to me he wished he could be more like you and your cut-n-dried personality....we both love it!!

  3. Hanta: It's ridiculous, I know. I was channeling my inner 5 year old there for a moment. But I'm in a much better mood now!

    Desiree: What!!!?? That's why you and Scott are so fun to be around. You don't have that rather large chip residing on your shoulder!

  4. "Some people rant about their va jay jays and some enjoy caressing their dolly-whackers"

    Ummm... no links to these posts? I'll follow you twice if you make that theme the new theme of your blog.


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