Tuesday, January 5, 2010

We ARE the Champions

If I were a sports columnist and I had to write an article about the 2010 Tostitos Fiesta Bowl, it would pale in comparison to the hypocritical, BSC-biased opinions of those who work for ESPN or those whom possibly offer lip-service to the BCS guru’s. In fact, it’s pretty safe to say that I am a full-blown Boise State supporter and absolutely thrive on the invalid opinions of the Kirk Herbstreits (ESPN Sports Caster) and the Gene Wojciechowskis (ESPN Sports Columnist). If I were a sports columnist and if my opinion mattered, I would absolutely have no problem slapping the cold hard facts in Mr. Herbstreits or Mr. Wojciechowskis face. See, the issue here is, these ritzy over-paid sports commentators or journalists deem it fit to ridicule legitimate sports programs like the Boise State Broncos, only because we don’t have a fancy-schmancy BCS backing behind our name.

We don’t get the recognition and non-biased opinion that we deserve based on talent and academics alone – no, instead we get compared to schools like Alabama (the BCS poster child). Well if you would like to get technical, of course we aren’t Alabama, or Florida, or USC for that matter (thank God). We never will be that ‘caliber’ as we are not given the chance to show what our program is made of. The BCS is for the ‘elite’, the ‘prime’, the ‘second to none’ - sorry, I’ll speak English – in other words, the BCS is a special club, made up by a bunch of grouchy old men who thought it would be important to categorize a select few programs such as the SEC, PAC 10, BIG EAST etc. and only allow those ball programs play for what is known as the “BCS National Championship Bowl Series”. Everyone else, in the minds of most, aren’t even worthy of a BCS Bowl because they aren’t part of “the cool kids”.

So, because we are the redheaded stepchildren, our stats and our facts don’t matter. We don’t get a “pat on the back” article; instead, we get “that was comparable to watching paint dry…”

There is an excuse for everything with these BCS lovers that are out there. It doesn’t matter that we are #1 in the Nation in Offense for points per game (that would be 44.2 in case you were wondering). It doesn’t matter that our Defense is #1 in the Nation for most interceptions (25 to be exact). While we ranked 13th in points allowed per game and our opponent, TCU was ranked #1. We ended up winning the game, keeping TCU to just 10 points and completely shutting down their offense with 3 interceptions, one of which resulted in a ‘pick six’. Our punter was 1/1 for pass completions to our tight end as well. However, I’m not allowed to mention that because that’s known (in ESPN land) as “trickery”. Mind you, if USC were to successfully pull off a fake-punt option, that would be known as “a well thought out play call” by their coach, Pete Carrol.

All I have read, watched and listened to today is arrogant, mindless nonsense regurgitate out of the mouths of the over-paid BCS supporters in how Boise State won by “pulling out their bag of tricks” and how we got “lucky”.

The fact of the matter is Boise State and TCU were selected by the BCS to play in the 2010 Tostitos Fiesta Bowl last night. Both teams portrayed a fierce competition in the battle of defenses and while it wasn’t the 2007 Fiesta Bowl that everyone wanted to see; Boise State out-played and out-coached who could arguably be the #1 NCAA Football team in the Nation.

I’m not a columnist. I’m not a college football guru and I don’t even pretend to understand the legalities and rules outlined when it comes to the BCS. I am, however, a huge Boise State fan and I am proud of our boys! Great job Boise State!

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  1. I know I'm late to the party, but I couldn't agree more. In addition, Jim Rome couldn't agree more and his opinion actually carries weight.


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