Saturday, May 9, 2009


I've been at this for several hours now, setting this up, learning about blogging and doing the "gee I don't know" dance on whether or not I want random people reading what I have to say. As it stands right now, I can cancel at anytime with no additional fees. So, what do I have to lose?

After a recent conversation with my therapist (a.k.a. Mom), I was encouraged to write my thoughts down. Hopefully someone, somewhere out there is going through the exact same raw emotions that I'm going through. If you are part of the booming trend known as un-employment, then you DO know what I'm going through. Frustration, confusion, annoyance, etc. Feel free to join me in my rants, or in some cases, minor temper tantrums. Venting is so therapeutic!

In a recent blurp on Facebook, someone I know mentioned that one of their pet-peeves was "people who live off the government by collecting unemployment and/or welfare". After I put my eyeballs back into my head, I went on a 30 minute tirade to my 'Truman Democrat' Father.

Ok - FIRST of all, God forbid, dear friend who's name I won't mention, that you lose you f*ing job! And God forbid that you become dependent on government money so you can put your f*ing high-ass maintenance kids through school - put food in their mouths, pay your damn mortgage and car payments! Let's get one thing straight Jack, there a LOT of innocent people out there who thought they were safe in their careers. You never know what is going to happen. There are absolutely no guarantees in life. I had a fabulous job. I worked from home and was able to afford anything I wanted. And in one phone call, it all ended. In one phone call, no more paychecks, no more insurance, no more savings account. I'm pounding the pavement and the internet 7 days a week looking for work. So don't you dare sit there any tell me or anyone else in this situation that us lowlifes collecting un-employment is inconveniencing you! Are you serious!? My fiance's father worked for a HUGE National Company for 40 years and got laid off 2 weeks ago. So, dear friend, anything can happen. You should be down on your damn knees thanking your lucky stars that you are employed. You can go to the doctor when you are sick because you can afford the co-pay! Would you like to insert your foot yourself, or shall I do it for you? I hear crow isn't that bad.

Don't take anything for granted.


  1. Dear noredos, I like your introduction comments. I'm sure you aren't the only one feeling this way.
    How about the person who spends their entire adult life building a career and business of their own, then one day receives the same type of phone call. Oh, we won't be needing your services any longer, and by the way can we have all our files? I know how you are feeling. I really do.

  2. I hear the same boat too.
    Also though as employees for all the years we have worked...a portion of our paychecks have gone into a "government fund" that pays out the unemployment technically part of that money is rightfully ours to use.


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