Sunday, October 11, 2009

Another Boring Post...

Has it really been over a month since I last bitched?  Wow, and so much has happened.  I’ve probably done 42 loads of dishes, 22 loads of laundry, filled my gas hog up 3 times and have consumed 12 turkey sandwiches, 1 tuna sandwich and made a really bad decision to eat a Cup-O-Noodles.  I’ve also managed to do absolutely zero workouts and have become a huge advocate for sleeping in. 

Aside from housework and attempting the world record for hitting the ‘snooze’ button the most consecutive times in the mornings (I’m at 7 now I think), I’ve been enjoying my second home at the football field; and have become a self-admitted ‘crazy side-line parent’ who stalks the sidelines at the football field during games.

In all honesty, I’ve been leaning on my cousin (a.k.a. “Drill Sergeant J”) the past few weeks to help me through this hurdle that I call food.   I asked him for help earlier this month when I realized that it had been over a month since I last attempted a workout.  In addition to that it was brought to my attention that my energy levels are low because I was completely unaware that coffee, cigarettes and caffeine pills were not part of the 4 major food groups.  Drill Sergeant J. has had me on an “assignment” of sorts, to track the foods I ate in a day and email him my progress for 6 days.  Of course, like any good student, I completely re-arranged my thinking and made a very valid attempt at finding foods that could keep my mouth occupied 6 times a day. 

This is harder than it sounds people.  We’re talking about someone who’s daily breakfast used to be 5 cups of coffee and a cigarette.  Lunch was either a well-balanced meal or nothing at all, and dinner was usually leftovers of what my son wouldn’t eat.

My current battle is getting my stomach to agree to my new diet.  I’m assuming since I’m not used to being so nice to my body, that my stomach has decided to go on strike since I now have been limited to non-wheat, non-spicy, non-fatty foods.  Some would call this a medical issue, however I’m assuming since these foods didn’t bother me before, I’m narrowing it down to a mild “tummy temper tantrum” in the way of vomiting and severe cramping.  Too much information, I know. 

I haven’t been very pro-active in my blogging, thinking I won’t be receiving any nominations this year for “Best Author”, that’s OK though, I’ll put that non-award right up there with “Best Mom”, “Best Daughter”, “Best Employee” and “Best Wal-Mart Shopper”. 

So focus this month is: writing more, eating healthier and avoiding “Drill Sergeant J” (at least until I’m able to lose some un-wanted weight) so my BMI assessment he is insistent on doing, won’t be as traumatic.  I’m off to make something bland and un-exciting for dinner.  

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  1. I love it!! I cannot believe you take caffeine pills! Crazy girl. Healthy eating is fun - trust me.


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